Ten Commandments to combat cancer in womenالوصايا العشر لمكافحة مرض السرطان عند النساء

Ten Commandments to combat cancer in women

Doctors recommend treatment of cancer specialists following the “Ten Commandments” of the following to combat and to avoid long way to go with the agony and dangers:
1. Not smoking.
2. Dealing does not drink alcohol.
3. Lot of acts of eating fruits and vegetables and cereals
4. Avoid obesity and Eased proportion of fatty substances in food.
5. Takida professional instructions caution when using chemical carcinogenic
6. Avoid long exposure to sunlight.
7. Riyadh to see your doctor at the first change in the form of “moles” on the surface of the skin, or when you see any significant swelling in the breast or lymph nodes, or when the first hemorrhage is not justified from the sewer vaginal or anal
8. Thyself yourself in gynecological examinations on a regular basis, once a year, with a focus on the vaginal swab.
9. Continuation see your doctor when coughing, hoarseness, constipation or diarrhea, and at very low weight .
10. Thyself breasts to monitor periodically after you reach the age of fifty, and an X-ray once every two years.

Source: Encyclopedia of modern health   http://www.se77ah.com/