Sensitive skin types and methods of treatment انواع حساسية الجلد وطرق علاجها

Sensitive skin types and methods of treatment

We can divide the sensitivity of the skin and its diseases similar to three types:

Skin sensitivity Acute exposure resulting from a person’s body sensor for an internal or external stimulation, such as the emergence of itching and skin rashes after eating eggs, for example, for a person or use it for some kind of creams or tinctures or sensitivity to drugs.

Skin sensitivity – Chronic Eczema, which appear in some people, may appear at any age and in any place of the human skin and usually keep their symptoms and its for a long time and may help in the emergence of exposure to some of the effects of external and internal may appear without a cause or effect known

Inflammation of the skin friction: the skin caused by exposure to an irritant to the skin, such as soap, cement, chemicals might get anyone but the symptoms are more prominent and visible when people are most sensitive to these substances.

Source: Encyclopedia of modern health