Hypertensionارتفاع ضغط الدم


The high blood pressure and chronic diseases throughout the world , and is what is called the disease ( the silent killer ) and because the patient with hypertension may n

ot feel an injury and not because of his symptoms . Few of knowledge about the disease leads to complications of chronic and acute , Feltgelb this disease should know the reasons for its occurrence , and how to handle and treat the disease

Blood pressure is a strength of the heart to pump blood and move it through the blood vessels , Wesera blood carrier of oxygen to the members and tissues of the body , and after the use of oxygen transported to the tissues and organs back toward the heart through the veins , who shall heart to pump blood towards the lungs in order to return loaded Baloxegin and then goes back to the heart pumped toward the arteries , rise in blood pressure is to increase the pressure on the walls of Alharian , leading to hardening of the Alharian , making it difficult task of the heart to pump blood to the body

And distinguish systolic blood pressure by pressing a blood pressure when the heart muscle contractility , diastolic pressure and a blood pressure of the heart muscle relaxant
And have high blood pressure when the systolic pressure higher than 140 millimeter of mercury and diastolic pressure higher than 90 mmHg millimeter
And is considered high blood pressure most of the main reasons to heart attacks and stroke shocks and kidney disease and retinopathy and other diseases resulting from the damage of the arteries.

Types and causes blood pressure to rise :

Secondary hypertension
One of the main reasons for the increase of blood pressure is the initial
Genetic factor will become more injury in the case of a previous injury among parents or relatives .
Increased consumption of salt That leads to the detention of body fluids , may lead to an increase in blood volume
Obesity and lack of exercise , stress and everyday life unstable
The causes of secondary hypertension return to nephropathy often or disorder of some hormones and there are other reasons , the kind that can be overcome by treating the causes of the occurrence.

Factors that help to increase blood pressure :
There are many factors and the most important:
Genetic factor : having a high Dat blood when fathers or mothers can lead to the occurrence of this disease in children , so if someone is suffering from high blood pressure should tell your doctor at the preview, but this does not mean if the parents suffer from this disease it is necessary that the children will suffer but it is a catalyst .
Psychological factor : This factor plays an important role in the incidence of high blood pressure , especially if the patient is suffering from a psychological condition chronic and recurring whether this case related to home or work .
Obesity : Obesity plays an important role in high blood pressure , there is a relationship between weight and blood pressure , increase in weight in the 10 kilo lead to high blood pressure to 2-3 millimeter of mercury . People who are overweight when a blood test shows a rise in the level of cholesterol , leading to hardening Alharian and from there to other severe complications .
Lack of movement : The people who live the life of inactivity at risk for high blood pressure to 20-25 % more than the people who engage in work life and movement and exercise.
Smoking : one of the factors that lead to high blood pressure , and heart disease and to Alharian , resulting in premature death .
Increased consumption of salt That leads to the detention of body fluids , may lead to an increase in blood volume .
Some medications : like some pills , or pills to lose weight , and many other drugs so you should consult your doctor .

Symptoms of blood pressure
When developing high blood pressure than the probability that the patient is suffering from the following symptoms
Pain in the head
Lack of a clear vision
Pain in the heart
An increase in heart rate

Complications of high blood pressure :
The hypertension of chronic diseases and dangerous , and Khtoradtha Taatkmen in it have a negative impact and sharp on the members of the human body, and more members of influential (heart , blood vessels , brain , kidneys and eyes) and is due to occur this effect is to neglect the follow-up and treatment high blood pressure and failure to comply with Borushdat doctor.

Heart : The tension or effort Almstmrladilat heart on the background of high blood pressure can lead to increase the size of these muscles and thus to cardiac hypertrophy , and this increases the risk of a disruption in heart rhythm and poor supply blood to the heart muscles and be the inevitable result of all this injury angina pectoris ( severe chest pain caused by narrowed heart arteries ) and heart attacks .

Brain : The high blood pressure to ( 189/105 millimeter of mercury ) or more can lead to a stroke or an explosion in the arteries, which in turn injury to brain haemorrhage .

Eyes : the continuing rise of blood pressure also can lead to bleeding in the eye because of the disruption in Alharian that nourish the eye , leading to vision loss and blindness gradually .

Vascular and in relation to the blood vessels Rising blood pressure can lead to hardening of the Alharian and due to fat deposition on the walls of these vessels , which leads to gradually narrow these vessels , which would lead to twice the flow of blood within the vessels to the heart and brain and other Members of this injury and stroke and bleeding.

Kidney : The high blood pressure can lead to – weak or narrow blood vessels and it will lead to twice the blood flow to the kidneys and reduce the amount of blood to the kidneys leads to a decrease in kidney function , and the general decline in the functions of the kidneys , leading to kidney failure .

The diagnosis of high blood pressure that does not require a difficult , and requires periodic disclosure regular blood pressure measurement and by a device called a device for measuring blood pressure , it is important to know that blood pressure varies constantly throughout the day. Usually repeats the doctor to measure the pressure at different times before making sure of the diagnosis.

What tests Alaúzma when developing high blood pressure ?
Urine test
Blood test
Examination of blood chemistry
Chest X-ray

The treatment of high blood pressure

After making sure that the patient is suffering from high blood pressure , for the patient to begin to change the system, his life and follow the tips and avoiding the factors that help the progression of the disease , and to follow Arushdat doctor , it helps the patient overcome this disease and avoid chronic complications that may lead to the negative impact on the steep other body organs
The change in the system of the patient’s life style changes within the means of living and feed the patient and Itkmen in :

A healthy diet : eating healthy foods , and increase the size of the dishes useful , such as grain / fruit / vegetables and low -fat dairy , and reliance in food oils do not cause an increase in the proportion of low-density cholesterol , such as corn oil , sunflower, olive ,
And limit the intake of carbohydrates , sugar and fat , it helps you lose weight and lower blood pressure .

Weight reduction : If the rate of overweight will be at a higher risk of high blood pressure. So try to control the level of zinc and increase physical activity you about the largest and through healthy nutrition . Reduce the amount of fat that you eat and fill your stomach with food starchy .

Not excessive amount of salt in food leads to lower high blood pressure , and recent studies confirm that 2.5 mg of salt in excess of the natural rate leads to high pressure at a rate of 7 to 10 mm / Hg .

Exercise : practicing aerobics such as swimming and running regularly as directed by your physician to begin gradually if the patient has never exercise before. The practice of sport and the effort that leads to muscular fatigue helps in reducing cholesterol in the inhibition of the nervous system and helps to lose weight .
Abstinence from smoking : Smoking is working on raising blood cholesterol , and fatty masses gathered on the walls of the arteries , and it also helps to constrict blood vessels , leading to heart problems

– Dimension nervousness and emotion : the impact of stress have a temporary effect in most cases , but the stress constant can cause high blood pressure and with the passage of time destroys the arteries , heart , brain , kidneys and Alaino . You can avoid stress by changing the system of life routine and try comfort and tranquility . You can change your daily routine by changing the system of life, the establishment of some social relations , to avoid constant worry and try to solve your problems by thinking and calm .

– Reduce the intake of birth control pills ( for women) and refuge to use other means if the patient is of childbearing age , especially if they are from the category that weigh more than with taking the pill . This category of women have susceptible to complications ; therefore necessary Mtabathen by your doctor regularly .

Reducing the intake of alcohol and caffeine : the alcohol and caffeine can raise blood pressure in the body.

In the case of high pressure medium or severe the doctor as the medication by the patient’s condition as well as to take into account the factors mentioned above , and determines the amount of medicine according to the desired compression ratio .
Important points about the process of measuring blood Dat

Before starting the measurement of blood pressure , the patient relax for 5 minutes
When measuring blood pressure , you should be free from the hands of the patient’s clothes almost to hinder the process of measurement
The patient should avoid talking when measuring blood pressure
Care must be taken to be the hands of the patient and fixed Gartrkh
When you put the device in hand , care must be taken to put the device on the level of the heart
It is better to measure blood pressure twice a day at the same time am and pm
For patients with blood pressure , measure them when blood pressure measurement results must be written on a special note , and in order to inform the doctor on those results.
Where you will be the measurement of blood pressure , you should be quiet
Should be about room temperature (C ° 21) because the drop in temperature can lead to high blood pressure